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Therapy for Individuals, Couples, & Families
Couple Therapy Session

About Loving Therapy

Mental Health and Relationship Counseling Services


Rachel Hofer, LMHC
Specializing in trauma, depression, anxiety, child counseling and couples. 
Adjunct Professor of Career Development, Psychology
Dr. Corinne Greenberg, LMHC
Play Therapy Supervisor, Play Therapist
Professor of Elementary Education



Any person can be therapeutic. We can have more healthy communities and all help in ways that are therapeutic when we love one another well. Reducing stigma, building trust and keeping confidences, and encouraging people to get help when they need it is loving therapy. 




-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


-Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

-Self esteem help

-Child Abuse

-Therapy for mental illness

-Relationship Counseling for Couples

-Addiction & Recovery

-Conflict Resolution


-Christian Counseling


-Theophostic Prayer/Healing Prayer

-Play Therapy

-Domestic Violence Victims

-Therapy for mental illness


-Sexual Abuse

-College/University Students


-Counseling for living with bipolar

-Identity Counseling

-Family Counseling

-Parenting Support

-Grief Counseling

-Work and Career issues

-Stress Management





-Life Coaching Coaching focuses on the here and now and not on past hurts.With a coach you can identify your passions, gifts, calling to accomplish goals and dreams to move from where you are to where you want to be!

-Psychodrama -  Use psychodrama to face and conquer your fears, worries, and hold-ups.



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The First Duty of Love is to Listen