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Addiction and Substance Abuse

Addictions include but are not limited to substance abuse. In order to get out of undesired moods and escape unpleasant thoughts and emotions we often find some need that we are seemingly able to easily meet. This becomes our addiction. It may be drugs, alcohol, sex, food, shopping, or gambling, among others. The underlying issues that lead to these addictions usually involve a lot of shame and unmet needs that correspond with our negative beliefs about ourselves, the world, and our future. Talk therapy in a confidential setting can help to get to the root of what drives the addiction, and to shed light on unhealthy family and social dynamics that may be reinforcing the problem. I also highly encourage and recommend support groups such as 
AANACelebrate RecoveryL.I.F.E. ministryAl-anon and co-dependency groups,Overeaters Anonymous, and various other support groups we can navigate in your area for specific addictions. 

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