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Therapy for Individuals, Couples, & Families
Couple Therapy Session

Depression & Anxiety

Often, it is our thinking that gets us down. A doctor may provide medication to help, but nothing can replace changes in lifestyle, identifying causes of stress, and looking at thought patterns and core beliefs that darken our moods, lead to depression, and control our lives. Talk therapy helps us identify and change these things that don’t represent our true selves. 

There is success,kindness, friendliness, empathy and happiness just waiting to be awakened in us. Just as we can create ourselves as victims of an unfair life filled with anxiety and depression, we can also regain faith, confidence and well-being. Mood disorders can affect anyone regardless of age, race, social status, or even money and possessions. I listen to, help and respect people of all backgrounds and histories in a variety of settings. 

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The First Duty of Love is to Listen