Life Coaching

Coaching is different than therapy or counseling. 

Coaching focuses on the here and now and not on past hurts.

Life Coaching is a relationship that provides a place to be heard and discover how to overcome any challenges in life. The goal is to move forward to what you most want out of life. With a coach you can identify your passions, gifts, and calling and develop an action plan. Similar to having a personal trainer a coach will hold you accountable to the plan and help you to overcome any challenges to meeting your goals. If you have ever had a vision, goal, or desire and felt you could use some help to move towards its realization a life coach may be a way to make that happen!

Coaching can focus on the goals and aspects of your life that you would like to focus on. This could be business, relationships, your health and wellness, confidence, or family life, for example. Rachel is also an NASM certified Personal Trainer and AFAA certified Group Exercise Instructor and can help coach you to success specific to your fitness goals.

Life coaching also conveniently can be done via telephone or video conferencing such as Skype.

Meet Rachel Hofer

 'It's not about what you can't do, it's about what you can't do yet!'

'Where your fears become your strengths and power!'

Rachel Hofer, LMHC 

Life Coach - Lauren Gutierrez 

Hello! My name is Lauren Gutierrez and I am a Life Coach specializing in helping people design their dream life (career, hobbies, relationships, etc) and then live in alignment so that every moment is intentionally in the direction of their dreams.

I received my Bachelors degree from the University of Florida in Family, Youth and Community Sciences, giving me a great insight to how one’s upbringing plays a role in their current perspective on life. This has provided me the understanding behind limiting beliefs and ways to help people perceive life through a lens of love. 

Through my minors in Entrepreneurship and Interpersonal Communications, I have learned the role that courage plays in conquering the fears surrounding taking the path less traveled to turn dreams into reality, along with how vital human interaction is to living a fulfilled life. Especially in the current times, I have the tools to help you navigate human interaction in a way that allows for genuine connection.

My goal is to help people live from a synergistic relationship between their head and their heart, with a peaceful knowing that their future self will thank them for their actions today.

Meet Lauren Guttierez

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