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“Working with Rachel has been a pleasure. Our family was going  through some tough times and Rachel worked hard
to bring our family back   together.”

  •  Rachel is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and has had a broad range of experience in the field of mental health. Among her areas of expertise are depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and childhood trauma. She also works with couples.
  •  Rachel has training and experience using Play Therapy with children. She also uses Cognitive-Behavioral therapy for adults, teens, and children. Rachel has training in batterers intervention, substance abuse treatment, family therapy, and relationship counseling with couples from various trainings with the Gottman Instutute and Sue Johnson, to name a few. She has internship experience in residential drug treatment for teens, a Baker Act Unit, and has worked on a treatment team with psychiatrists and nurses at an outpatient clinic. She has experience with court involvement. Rachel has been in practice for over 5 years now. 
  • Rachel brings a unique perspective from a Christian worldview. 
  •   You will will find Rachel’s profile on the website of Psychology Today and The Christian Counseling Resource Directory.
  •   Rachel graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University with her Masters degree in Counseling Psychology 2011.
  •   When she is not doing counseling Rachel works as a fitness instructor. and personal trainer. She is AFAA and NASM certified and may use some exercises and programs with her patients, along with traditional therapy modalities in helping them reach their goals. 

“She is a thoughtful person that really stayed 
focused on the positives.”

“I love helping people reach a sense of peace, purpose, direction, and well-being. I help my clients find the ability to thrive and function at their best. Everyone has something wonderful to offer to the world, and our most difficult times can lead us to those special gifts and qualities that are within every one of us.”

Sliding Scale Fees 
Monthly Family Income Treatment Fee
$0 -- $499 = $30
$500 -- $999 = $35
$1000 -- $1499 = $40 
$1500 -- $1999 = $45
$2000 -- $2499 = $50
$2500 -- $2999 = $55
$3000 – $3499 = $65
$3500 -- $5,000 = $80
$100 fee
You must bring some documented proof of income for the sliding scale. 

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Freud also believed, “”Psychoanalysis is in essence a cure through love."  "The First Duty of Love Is to Listen." Tillich


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